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Finally Healed and Skating Again!

Breaking bones sucks!...Lets go to the Skatepark!

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About four months ago, I was playing basketball and broke my foot! How shitty is that? I was going for a layup and came down on my buddy’s foot, rolled my ankle, and the pressure broke my cuboid bone. Before you start to feel bad for me or get scared to play basketball, ill tell you the full story. I was also a few beers deep…AND not wearing any shoes. Okay so I had it coming. Doesn’t change how much it sucked to be on crutches for 4 months. If you learn anything from this post, don’t play basketball without shoes ever. You probably already knew that…

Anywho, I am finally healed! When I could first walk again without being in pain, you have no idea how happy I was. It really proved how relative happiness is xD. I could careless about anything…I was walking! WooHoo! And then a week later I already took it for granted.

And to prove that, I am already doing dangerous things again at the skatepark! But to be honest, this is actually not too risky: the skate is practically a cast for my foot. So as long as I can put weight on it, there is little threat to my foot. Definitely a threat to the rest of my body though….I should get some pads. Shin pads are my next move…boy does it hurt when I slam my shin into a metal rail.

Currently I am living in NYC in the Washington heights area. I haven’t talked much about this because until recently I have been stuck inside…not too different from Ann Arbor if I never leave the apartment (expect I can see billboards and ads right from my window!)

The other day I heard about a skate park 5 minutes away. I strapped on my skates and headed over to check it out…and it is amazing! It was downhill the entire way, so I just cruised down the street, through a brick tunnel in the woods, and popped out overlooking a skate park underneath a highway! See the rest for your self…happy to be back on my feet!


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