Uhh so do you come here a lot?

Well, yes actually I’m here quite frequently to update my blog. Nice ice breaker I guess. But hey, i’m super glad you came to join me; I can’t wait to meet you! My name is Kurt, I’m an entrepreneur that is addicted to creating. Whether i’m making video games, doing Parkour, or guiding a social interaction, I am infatuated with the underlying process of self-expression, creativity, and discovery. I also think a lot (probably too much).

How are you making a living? 

Its all over the map! Currently, most income comes from my game studio, Lab Rat Games. I create both in-house games and games for various clients. However, I also do art & design, web development, video editing, and more. Many people argued I needed to specialize, and at first I beat my self up about it. But then it hit me: I do have a specialization, and its quite a valuable one! I am specialized in providing creative end-to-end technical solutions. Many outsourced technical projects fail. Why? Because they require lots of parts from lots of people. This results in a disjointed process that is prone to more confusion and miscommunication. Not only can this slow down the process, but it often results in a poor translation from vision to creation.

Generally speaking, I call what I do “Value Mining.” Anyone can do it! Value Mining is capitalizing on what ever we feel compelled to do. Our life is a giant creative effort, and anything that happens has value in it; we just need to find it (and mine it). Sitting around watching movies all day may seem useless…but what if you started a movie review blog? Or got inspired to write a screen play? There is value in nearly everything!

This allows me to be who I am, do as I do, and enjoy what that looks like. And with some extra effort and creativity, I can extract the value in my experiences and expressions in an attempt to make a living. 

I spent a lot of years trying to outrun or outsmart vulnerability by making things certain and definite, black and white, good and bad. My inability to lean into the discomfort of vulnerability limited the fullness of those important experiences that are wrought with uncertainty: Love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativity to name a few. -Brene Brown

How did you end up at this point? 

After my sophomore year in College,  my “misalignment” became obvious. The motives and goals driving my actions were fed to me by other people. I knew something was off, but the constant reassurance of others chopped down my doubt. Looking back, the doubt should have been a signal enough; no one doubts the truth! Since then I have been trying to realign. I continued at the University of Michigan part time while pursuing creative endeavors, including starting Lab Rat Games. During this time I experienced a lot of spiritual and creative growth stemming from my new understanding that there is no “right” or “wrong” way. There is just a way. And despite that it looked different from what I had in mind, I realized its okay! In fact, its the most exciting part.  Life becomes a giant creative endeavor full of surprises.       

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Okay okay, I know all this has been quite vague, but I feel it is a good starting point to get us in the same head space. If you want to learn more about me, start reading the blog! Below you can find additional avenues to my thoughts, creations, and background. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and thanks for taking the time to read this! 


Thank you for reading!